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The Services We Provide

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Stock Trading

Timing : Sunday to Friday. 11 am to 3 PM.


  • Get registered your KYC with TSL
  • Get trading limit from TSL or deposit 25% of your estimated trading amount to its Bank account held in Global Ime Bank Limited.
  • Place your order online ( click here for order)
  • If confirmation is not received within a minute, Please send text on 9801048023, 9801048024, 9801048594, 9801048601, 9801048602.
Clearing and Settlement

we serve to settle and clear your trade of your buying and selling order.

  • If you have done buying trade,
    • 1) Deposit the amount as per bill into its bank account,
    • 2) Send scan copy of deposit slip to [email protected]
    • 3) Provide DP id to [email protected] or Fill the DP account opening form in front of our representative near to you.
    • 4) Check your DP on the T+2nd' evening if the bought share has been deposited.
  • If you have done selling trade,
    • 1) Get your settlement ID from our website.
    • 2) Fill the DIS duly and send it to your DP within the T+1 of your trade or physically deliver the DIS to our office by the next day of your trade
    • 3) Get the fund transferred fund into your account in T+3 or get  clearing cheque in your name in T+3.
BO Id Registration

We provide DP ID to you for depositing share received from any source including IPO or FPO.

Just fill the form in front  of representative  near to you.

Order Taking

We receive trading order 24/7 via SMS and online form. Send us sms at 9801048594 or submit on online form click here.

DIS Clearing

Send the DIS of your trade with any broker member to us, we handle it carefully and timely.

Dmat Service

Come up with physical share certificate, we set up the Dmat in front of you just in few minutes.